Letter to the Speaker of the House

Mr. Speaker of the House,

I was one of the many proud persons regarding the election of our first president of color.  President Obama’s becoming president is a major milestone in the lives of many.  My ancestors fought many battles, over came intense obstacles and maltreatment in order to provide a better way of life for their families.  The republican party has taken that which is great and meaningful and have literally stepped on it as if it was nothing.  Never in my life have I seen such disrespect for a sitting president.  My parents raised me to be color blind and I thought this country had came a very long way until you all in every way imaginable have sought to undermine President Obama on everything.  You behave as President Obama created the issues we are now enduring.  These problems were looming long before he took office, but since you all refuse to look in the mirror and accept responsibility you resort to unacceptable measures of racial and biased intimidation.  Shame on you!  Shame on your party!  Shame on the good old boy’s society!  You all would rather the poor and middle class live in third world conditions than to stop recieving the perks of being born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth or from old money.  When you say the american people, what people are you referring to? You are not concerned about me or others like me.  I am a first generation college graduate, who works everyday and still struggles to maintain my head above water.  Stop catering to the rich, make american companies pay hefty in order to move companies to foreign countries for cheap labor, return this courntry to being an export giant instead of importing things that could be made right here and put our citizens to work.  Yes people are tired.  They are tired of this fighting and unnecessary  bickerering.  We are tired of the outright disrespect of President Obama.  Some of you will not even address him as such and that is and utter shame.  How can we continue to be a great nation in the face of other nations when we are a nation divided.  I challenge you to take a stand on what is truly right, to support our president and to look beyond your party, friends, family and neighbors.  I challenge you to visit me in Arkansas where I can take you on a guided tour to see the true America.  I expect better from you and your party.