Sick and Tired of Sagging Pants

Larry Platt wrote the lyrics “Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, looking like a fool with your pants on the ground.”  These lyrics should be enough for young men all over the United States to pull up their pants, but unfortunately it is not.

            Daily I see young men walking around exposing their underwear or basketball shorts like it is a normal thing to do.  Underwear is just that underwear.  The definition of under is simple enough to understand, however for those of you that do not fully comprehend the meaning.  Let me break it down for you.  Webster’s dictionary defines under in the following manner; in or into a position below or beneath something.  Therefore when one puts on underwear, the pants or shorts should be put over them, cover them and not be exposed to the public eye.

            Sagging or wearing pants low originated in prison.  The act of men in prison wearing their pants sagging or low indicated to other men they were available for male to male intimate relationships.  We all know that our prison systems percentage wise are predominately black males.  Just a thought, if you are dating a male in prison or one that has been in prison, if he is indicating that he is available for an intimate relationship with fellow inmate, how are you as a female factored into that equation?  Black women are twice as likely to die of AIDS in U.S. compared to white HIV-Positive women as stated in an article written by Tim Horn. 

            I follow many people on twitter and vice versa.  There is one young lady that often states that no matter how cute a guy is, when his pants are sagging, it is a complete deal breaker.  I seriously wish all young females would adopt this stance.  Just think about it young ladies, if you all adopt a movement to raise your standards, ignore and not be seen with these saggy pants wearing young men, then maybe it will cause a radical change in their behavior and outward appearance.

            Furthermore, young men when your pants are sagging, it does not matter if you are a straight A student, have a job or a nice young man, it gives the perception that none of the previously stated things are true.  Sagging pants make you look like a fool.  I know fads come and go, but this is one that I wish would die and be buried eight feet instead of the normal six.  And young men, just because everyone else does it, do not mean you have to have join the crowd.  Dare to be different.  Have personal standards and respect for yourself.  Have some respect for those of us who do not want to see your damn underwear.  So, in the words of Mr. Platt, “Hey!  Get your pants off the ground.  Looking like a fool!  Walking and talking with your pants on the ground!


It’s my cover

My shield

My bff

My second skin

Behind it I can hide

In it I can confide

My locked treasure box

Guarding my secrets and sins

It’s an escape from it all

An avenue in

It never ceases to be

Wears many hats

A chameleon

My strong tower, so firm

An invisible force field

Relentlessly providing

Protecting in silence

An unspoken Cree

In it I can confide

Behind it I can hide

It’s my mask.


Back in the day


Before breast, PMS and broken hearts ruled

Ponytails, halter tops and short-shorts

Juju beads, Lemon heads, Alexander the Grapes and Sweet Tarts

Fun filled days


Double Dutch, Hop Scotch, Marbles

Singing, Little Sally Walker

Sitting in a Saucer

Ride Sally Ride

Let your backbone slip

Down to your hips

Yes, those were the days

No worries

So naive

Before breast, PMS and broken hearts ruled

Just living day to day

Playing the games that little girls play

Sweet memories

So, so sweet

The child’s play

That womanhood has taken away.