Missing an Angel on Mother’s Day

On Sunday many will celebrate Mother’s Day with their mothers by showering them with flowers, cards, gifts and by preparing fancy meals and although I will join with the masses I will be missing my angel Josephine Morris.

When I think of her, I cannot hold back my smile, because I can vividly see her beautiful smile.  She had an illuminous presence that shown brightly touching others by bringing them into her positive state of being.  Her enormous and loving heart was the glue that held the family together.  Her simple but kind and encouraging words made me feel as if I was flying amongst the clouds and that everything that I wanted in life was within my reach.

I often think of the moments we shared sitting on the front porch in the swing sipping homemade coke floats to keep cool during the hot summer.  There we would talk about everything under the sun and more.  She would command my attention with old stories, told with such imagery that I could see myself in third person within the action of it all.  Sometimes we would lie in her bed looking up at the ceiling with neither of us saying a word, but in those moments we were content as could be.  We were two individual hearts beating to the same soulful rhythm.

In life I’ve often tried to immolate her style and her mannerisms to simply be a mere shadow of her dominant yet graceful presence.  To be like her is what I strive to be when I grow up.  Who else could I ever be giving that she influenced everything about me even when I resisted and chose to be rebellious. 

The love we shared is more than I could ever have hoped for in life and is why even with a broken heart because she is no longer here, she is still so very close to my heart.  So, on Mother’s Day even though I may cry because she is no longer in the physical I know that she is with me in spirit and always whispering in my ear.  

I will never forget the night God called you home.  I will never forget how you wrapped your loving spirit around me and rocked me to sleep with a lullaby of love.  So on this Mother’s Day purple flowers I give in your memory with an abundance of love from my purple heart and blown sweet kisses toward our purple sky.

I will love you always Josephine “Joebaby” Morris, my personal angel in Heaven.  Happy Mother’s Day!