Hair laid to the nines,

Reppin the millionaires from head to toe

but clueless how to be one

pushing a whip on twenty fours

with all the bells and whistles

living in a constant state of false reality

where denial is always fine

Just Hood Rich

seriously representing an exclusive club

that fake persona

Hood Rich

but you’re living in the projects

waiting on the first and the fifteenth

selling your food stamps

cause you robbed Peter to pay Paul

all for a false status

Hood Rich

while your babies three mealing ramen noodles like they gourmet

taking care of the new baby daddy

when you going to wake up, realize when its not flaccid it’s erect

and in his eyes you’ll never earn respect

dropped out of school cause it wasn’t the place to be

now you five points from passing the GED

talking in a language you say is English, huh, for real

I don’t understand it so I know others don’t comprehend it

Just Hood Rich

a million dollars inside a book

but you can’t find it

cause you can’t read it

neck rolling, finger snapping and a funky attitude

girl you couldn’t impress with that first impression to save your life

always knocking a sister’s stuggle when you struggling

how you going to kick someone that’s down

when you too are on the ground

twenty dollars for lying on your back  ain’t paid

income is income cause at your next DHS appointment

they don’t care how it’s made

you got to report that

Just Hood Rich

you say don’t knock what you do

but here’s a hint and a clue

that shit you do ain’t truly helping you

life’s hard and we all are far from perfect

but if you going to struggle, let it be a true struggle

life’s about sacrifice

children should be number one and them we protect

cause one day you’re going to look in their eyes and see nothing but regrets

Just Hood Rich

ain’t nothing but a persona and one you can live without

an illusion of a social status

that has been bought, paid and sold for your soul

you can’t keep up with the J’s and the Bey’s

cause they rich and not just Hood Rich

often imitated but never duplicated

can’t you see

ain’t nothing wrong with the struggle

if you’re struggling to be a better you

free yourself from that fairy

because after all it’s just a story

Hood Rich ain’t the life

it’s definitely not a thriller

it’s like a thief in the night it comes to steal, kill and destroy

so dig deep within and release your inner smartness

let education be your filler

cause when all is said and done

Hood Rich is just a complicated bitch.


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