There’s a traffic jam in my mind

my thoughts are overflowing

I can’t see what’s in front of me

even though my eyes are wide open

so I braille the dotted line

and I find Life signed.


throwing curb balls, so I’m swinging

life taps me on the shoulder

saying that’s strike two

one more and you’re out

now fear is resounding in my ears loudly

got them ringing

Yeah, yeah life had me so low

that I was at ground level

Life laughed thinking it defeated me

but in it’s darkness the sky shown brightly

off my tongue the winds blew a whispered word Jesus loudly

now in His glory I revel.

Life is a must until we die

so for battle I’m armed

oh what a friend I’ve found in Jesus

the one who controls life solely

His gift to me everlasting

now looking back at life I laugh, spread my wings and to Heaven I fly.

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