Really, do you truly think of us just as a color?  What an excuse.  Don’t let others take from the blessings and joys that God has in store for us.  One’s exterior color does not define or make up the composition of who we are as a people.  Yes, you have black skin, but so did our ancestors that originated from the land of God’s first creations.  Each of us are unique individuals that can rise to the top of this world because we possess various gifts called talents and abilities that God so chose to give. 

Before conception, God knew the color our skin and even though sometimes we are labeled by those of color not representative of our own.  Yes, we are described by the adjective black, but there is so much more to me and you.  Our blackness was derived from God’s perfect and expansive eye, a unique staple that suggest we are a blessing.  We exist in many shades and tones from the fairest to the darkest hue.  We are an exquisite zest of beauty possessed by no other group of people.  Because of the blackness, some can’t see past that, but let me inform, educated and maybe get some to appreciate the blackness in us.  We have minds that absorb and regurgitate knowledge.  We are unique in all we dare to be even when others discourages us.  Can’t you see that we are His children?  Look at our smiles and its ability to create a beckoning light that attracts like germs between hands.  We are more than a color.  We are a race of people inspired by the challenges and obstacles set before us.  When you hear us sing “We Shall Overcome” please believe that it’s more than a song.  It is our mission in life. 

Are we just a color?  I say no.  And, no one adjective can ever describe or define you or me for we are a rainbow.