When I grew up I grew up poor

No silver spoon just a feeling that I always wanted more

Though my belly was full and I had a bed to sleep

Sooner or later Elaine, Arkansas would be only a memory to keep

I envisioned a world

Like the ones I read about in stories

But life has its crooked paths paved with illusions for this country girl

At the age of 15 I swelled with life

Some said I’d never amount to anything

And my surroundings would always be filled with strife

But an inner force spoke to me

Saying don’t listen

God has destined so much more for you to be

With hurt feelings and a broken heart

I pressed on

Determined that my middle, my present or my ending was not based on my start

No preparations or theories proven right

Just a country girl spreading her wings in flight

Diligently crafting a blessed gift with words

Writing to tell an imaginative story

The blessed gift that God himself has stirred

My look back makes me appreciate from where I came

Because Elaine, Arkansas was a blessing in disguise

A place that gave me humble roots

So I will always speak its nameImage

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