You can carry, conceal, load it or shoot

But brave it doesn’t make you

You can yell about the 2nd amendment rights

Donate to the NRA…..and be in cahoots

But it’s nothing like the truth to make it true

A gun in the wrong hands is nothing but a killer

A killer of hopes, dreams, a childhood

It like crushing life between two pillars

And after it’s all said and done then it’s too late

What happens to could

Yes we could have stood up but it wasn’t on our plate

Yes we could have signed a petition

We could have marched

But because our friends say owning guns are a tradition

We block the memory of Sandy Hook,




Virginia Tech,


And the list goes on and on, must I

When I think about the loss my soul can’t help but cry

Because owning a gun means more to some than a life

Through my tears and heartache I can’t phantom why

Because a life is so precious and we only get one

Still, the shootings and killing have become rife

Like bricks falling by the ton

So are the tears of brokenhearted

Yes you can carry, conceal, load or shoot

But brave it doesn’t make you

Saving lives is how the healing gets started

It’s nothing like the truth to make it true

A gun in the wrong hand is nothing but a killer

A killer of hopes and dreams

And life is too short to be lived like the pages of a thriller

Speak, speak loud

Stand, stand like a tree planted by the water

Be not afraid to stand outside of the crowd

For life, for gun control

For peace, within our souls.


I look into her eyes and see

All that I strive to be

The epitome of elegance and grace

Symbolic of the strength I need to run this daily race

The sweet voice of reason

Whose love encompasses throughout the season

As I stand facing the mirror

The image I see is you

And nothing in this world could be any dearer

In my heart and soul reigns true

You are the source of my being

In your stilettos I follow

Standing firm and never fleeing

From your mouth your words I devour

For nourishment and to allow me to grow

In your wisdom and knowledge I found power

So for all our earthly days, my true love I will show

You are my mother

God’s precious gift and like no other

So from my heart I say to you

For all the trouble

The tears I’ve made you cry

The nights without sleep

When you pondered the question why

And the promises I did not keep

Please accept from my sincere heart

A forgiving plea

To reseal the bond and never part

The unconditional love I have for thee

Mother, oh mother

As I stand facing the mirror

The image I see is you

And nothing in this world could be any dearer

In my heart and soul reigns true

How greatly blessed I am to have you.


Family is an important staple of life.  We all belong to a family, however anger, hate, greed, jealousy and animosity can shred this staple to pieces.  Forgivness is the key that God will use to unlock the door to a solid foundation with each individual bonded together by His unconditional love.  No family is perfect.  No person is perfect.  God is the only perfect being, so in order to live according to His word, we have to, we must forgive our family as He has forgiven us.  Life is too short to constantly carry the burdens of hate, jealously, greed and animosity, so I dare each of you to take the first step in mending a relationship with a family member whether it is your father, mother, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin or grandparent because after that individual is gone it’s too late.  We cannot choose our family, so we have to love the one we have.  We must own our personal faults and realize that others have faults and they are no different than ours.  We can only embark upon a wave of change if we first begin with self.  We must then hold ourselves accountable to the high standards that we so eagerly set for others.  Furthermore, we often hear about broken families.  Broken is not a word we should readily identify with family, but the words strength, happiness, joy, togetherness and love are the principles on which familes should be based.  God created the family stucture for a reason.  In His word he gives us instructions regarding family like, “But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children”–Psalms 103:17.  Family should be embedded in our hearts and minds as we are apart of His family.  Do not allow the circle to be broken, but let your family circle be a never ending circle of love rooted firmly according to God’s principles.

Finally, as the saying goes,  “A family that prays together stays together”. Call a family member today just to say hi and tell them you love them.