My Dad

*In Memory of Elton “Lightning” Morris

Sitting here reminiscing back

To when I was a just a girl

I looked up to you

You were the king in my world

Now that you’re gone

All I do is stare at your picture sitting on my table in a frame

And think of the times we’ve shared

It seems like yesterday

But without you my life isn’t the same

My memories are sweet

But still I can’t help but cry

Your voice and your laughter I’ll never hear again

My heart aches with pain

Because we never said goodbye

I won’t question

Because I know He knows what’s best

And puts no more on me than I can bear

And in His arms you’ve found everlasting rest

I miss you

Awfully playing your red guitar

While trying to sing the Blues

Or spewing your adventurous ideas

And telling me my dreams are never far

You were one of a kind

And your own special melody my heart will forever sing

You were my Dad

My very own “Lightning King”