Tears I Shed Series

BookCoverPreview -Tears I Shed(new cover)-1My first book Tears I Shed introduced Kayla, Kyra, Jahren, Felecia and Jenesis as a sisterhood of friends whose bond helps them endure through the shenanigans of life.  It implodes into a riveting sequel that dwells deeper into the lives of Kayla, Kyra, Felecia, Jahren and Jenesis.

Tears I Shed explores the lives of five friends and their quest to live the american dream that includes love, happiness, family, friends, house, car and a successful career.  We all know that although we dream real life is far from the fairy tale.  When we open our hearts to love and friends, we’re often invite the alter ego of love…..heartbreak into our lives.

My hope for the reader is to identify with the characters, to feel their pain, revel in their joy, shed tears with them and to bask in their successes.  Furthermore, my hope is to tickle every emotion and leave readers wanting more.

I welcome contact from readers, so by all means feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at my website.

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