Journey to Here

Don’t ask about how my story began

Ask about my journey to here

The obstacles, the uncertain paths and the winding roads

The sleepless nights and the nights when tears hummed me a lullaby

At a young age, I swelled with life

Got talked about, ridiculed, told to never mind deferred

That my dreams would never manifest

And for N-O-T-H-I-N-G for the rest of my life I would qualify

Living, breathing, yet my heart severed

20% of what’s actually being said, yet my ears comprehended 100% of the negativity

However my mind played defense, shielded me from their daggered words

Like the potter’s clay I transformed

Ask me about my journey to here

And I will say

The road is never the straightway

Life comes like 90 mph curved balls, so be warned

Claws showing, reckless like a woman scorned

My journey

To the wayside lay the haters, the crabs, the frenemies and the naysayers

For them, in my black, I mourned

Ask me about my journey to here

And I will say

The seeds planted within

Sowed in pain

Watered with the flow of a single tear

Sprouted concrete leaves from my fear

With confidence they began to disappear

And just like that my life kicked in gear

The wind blowing the pages of my diary

It all became crystal clear

I am a formidable presence, a powerful spear

I have a purpose in this chaotic atmosphere

Ask me about my J-O-U-R-N-E-Y

And I will say

I have infinity of stories

Waiting to be set free

My journey is the complete never-ending diary of me.

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