Kayla’s heartbreak…… from Tears I Shed

BookCoverPreview -Tears I Shed(new cover)-1My first book Tears I Shed introduced Kayla, Kyra, Jahren, Felecia and Jenesis as a sisterhood of friends whose bond helps them endure through the shenanigans of life.

Kayla is one of the main characters.  She seems to have it all until tragedy strikes and she quickly learns that her relationship with her husband has been a total lie.  We’ve often heard the expression that nothing is as it appears.  Kayla’s discovery is prime example of how one person can be totally invested in a relationship whether it is a marriage or just a committed one while the partner is invested in something totally separate, yet playing the devoted husband or lover.

Our hearts goes out to Kayla in sympathy with the loss of her husband and young son, but emotions are quickly turned regarding her husband Thomas.  Thomas has a woman on the side and twin sons who look like they could be triplets to his and Kayla’s son.  On the morning of his death, which was their anniversary, Thomas did all the wonderful things one would expect from a doting husband of many years, yet his efforts were just an attempt to keep the illusion of a perfect marriage intact.  The perfect husband and man wasn’t able to face the music of his infidelity, yet I know many were hoping as life flashed before his eyes that his heart suffered conviction regarding his betrayal.  And as much as we would like to have killed Thomas again, we began to focus our attention on Kayla because she has suffered a loss that we would not wish upon our worst enemy.  Her heart is broken into a million pieces.  She, no doubt is overwhelmed by an array of emotions, but the heartbreak is no comparison to the anger she feels not being able to confront her lying, cheating deceased husband.

Kayla’s heartbreak forced her away from her friends and family.  She took a leave of absent from her job and became a recluse.  Although, we don’t get the full details of everything she did, but we can imagine that she clung to all things sentimental to her marriage and family.  We do know that she continued to go to the park on Saturdays just as they had before the tragedy, which is where she came in contact with the man who would become her Knight in shining armor.

That day in the park, Kayla’s pent up emotions betrayed her in the arms of a complete stranger by the name of Justice Morgan.  We learn that Justice’s encounter with Kayla left a lasting impression upon him in a good way.  As fate would have it, he turned out to be her friend Kyra husband’s best friend. Their star crossed encounter was just the beginning of Kayla’s healing process.  Justice proved to be the man she needed.

We were all rooting for Kayla because she deserved to find love and happiness again.  Tears I Shed is truly representative of the tears we release whether in good or bad times, yet in the end those very tears can be symbolic of a new beginning because the story does not end there.

Finally, Tears I Shed, it implodes into a riveting sequel that dwells deeper into the lives of Kayla, Kyra, Felecia, Jahren and Jenesis.  Tears I Shed 2 is available as well on Amazon as an e-book or in paperback.

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